The first day of the Histrong Jiaxing Exhibition hit the spotlight, and the "top wall door cabinet" assembly system set off a wave of visitors!


On November 15th, the 2022 Eighth China (Jiaxing) International Integrated Ceiling Industry Expo and China Ceiling Wall Integration Conference officially kicked off at the Zhejiang Jiaxing International Convention and Exhibition Center, attracting businessmen from all over the country to share this feast of the home furnishing industry, the scene was crowded with people, and it was very lively.


This time, Histrong is located at F-T-106. As the leader in the ceiling and wall industry, Histrong made a stunning appearance with a dazzling attitude. In the exhibition hall, there is a high-value "top, wall, door, cabinet" integrated house decoration system, and many new products are exhibited for the first time.


The integrated space of guest and restaurant adopts an open design concept, which emphasizes the combination of aesthetics and practicality. Cleverly setting storage cabinets enhances the practicality of check-in, allowing visitors to feel the charm of the fully furnished home immersively.


Histrong's ecological customized cabinets made their debut at the exhibition with two types of panels: ECO-clean particle board and ECO-clean moisture-proof board, which are environmentally friendly, insect-proof, moisture-proof and mildew-proof, and are suitable for entrances, sideboards, wardrobes, TV cabinets, etc. A variety of forms can be highly unified with bamboo and wood aesthetic wall panels, making the home decoration more beautiful. The launch of the customized cabinet production line also represents Histrong's official entry into a new era of the "top, wall, door, cabinet" whole house integrated decoration system.


The bamboo-wood aluminum core door breaks through the materials and structure of traditional wooden doors. It uses aviation-grade aluminum keel as the frame and aluminum honeycomb to fill the door core, which is not easy to be affected by moisture and has a longer service life. The panels are made of bamboo and wood materials that are consistent with the bamboo and wood aesthetic wall panels, which can maintain a unified style of the door and wall, which are environmentally friendly and more beautiful. The surrounding area is designed with extremely narrow aluminum alloy frame, which breaks the heavy feeling and makes the overall design more light and flexible.


All kinds of new bamboo and wood products are ingeniously combined in the shape of the background wall to deduce different styles. The mirror wall panels in the modern sofa background wall are designed with small vertical strips interspersed, and the silver mirror material is irregularly integrated into the corrugated board, making the background wall dazzling.

The bottom of the new Chinese-style sofa background wall is laid out with the new high-end St. Gallen series, which has a strong three-dimensional effect and is beautiful and atmospheric. The surface is decorated with new Chinese-style 3D printing paintings, and the curved surface opening and closing design is ingeniously set on the left side. The top layer is finished with a round Qinyuan red, which is numbered HCZ 823. And the overall background wall is very full.


Histrong creates a pleasant home life experience for the on-site exhibitors with fashionable and environmentally friendly design concepts and unified style aesthetics.

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