A few words about us who we are? Zhejiang Histrong Integrated Household Technology Co., Ltd was established in 1997. Company’s registered capital is 30 million yuan. After 25-year of development, Histrong now has become one of the leading PVC manufacturer in China. Offerings including PVC ceiling panels...... view all ——
Zhejiang Histrong Integrated Household Brand Concept Sustainable: Histrong’s product is an ideal eco-friendly material. Histrong production process adopts German imported Kleiberit adhesive through hot melt pressing technology, which substantially reduces harmful substances. The whole production process will not produce any pollution, and 100% recyclable. Histrong inspires to be Chinese recognized leader in sustainable habitat....... view all ——
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Some advantages of Histrong products
Product advantages
Eco-friendly The production process adopts German imported Kleiberit adhesive through hot melt pressing technology, which substantially reduces harmful substances.
Aesthetics The decorative texture inherits the decorative aesthetics of wood texture. Our design creates more than 100 decorative elements and 12 ceiling styles. A wide variety of styles can satisfy the individual needs of customers.
Ease of cleaning The surface adopts a new generation of HIStrong water-based anti-fouling coating.
No matter what kind of stains, it easy to wipe and look as new.
Moisture resistance Histrong panels are made of reinforced polymer vinyl chloride and high fiber bamboo wood under constant temperature. The water absorption is only 0.06%, which hardly absorbs water. After experiments, the panel can be soaked in water for 8760 hours without molding or deforming.
Weather resistance We improve the formula on the basis of traditional wood plastic products. By using a new generation of polymer synthesis technology to optimize the proportion of bamboo wood, the control of temperature is strengthened. No mildew and corrosion for 50 years.
Thermal insulation The interior shape of panels adopts I-shaped structure. With a width of 60cm, there are over 30 I-shaped super stable structures. This design can greatly reduce the heat transmission between indoor and outside. The air conditioning energy consumption is greatly reduced.
Sound insulation Sound travels more slowly in hollow structures. The I-shaped structure can not only insulate thermal, but also improve the sound insulation by 29dB. From the perspective of sound insulation, our panels are equivalent to a load-bearing wall in your house, offering a quiet space to you.
Constructability We adopt a new generation of embedded buckle installation technology. There is no need to chisel the wall. Almost no glue is needed during installation. Installation is as easy as playing puzzle. A 100-square-meter house only takes 15 days to restore the effect of the design drawings.
Non-flammable Our products are formulated with non-flammable substances. Combustion performance meets B1(C) level requirements of GB/T8624, which greatly reduces the possibility of burning.

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