Showing its international style again, Histrong made a wonderful appearance at the Malaysia Interior Design Exhibition (RiX) and Home Decoration Exhibition (HOMEDEC)


On October 30, the 4-day "4th Malaysia Interior Design Exhibition (RiX) and Home Decoration Exhibition (HOMEDEC)" came to an end. Histrong's Malaysia store presented a series of new bamboo and wood products, allowing the audience to experience the quality charm of bamboo and wood aesthetic wall panels.





Founded in 2003, HOMEDEC is a famous building materials and home furnishing exhibition in Malaysia. Gather the brands and products of the industry's top furniture industry chain, inspire creative interior design inspiration through exhibitions, and provide people with beautiful home design solutions. It attracts many professionals from the industry to visit every year.


There was an endless stream of on-site visits and inquiries. Histrong's innovative colors, designs and high environmental protection concepts were highly appreciated by Malaysia’s customers, and the snap-on fast installation method was also impressive.




In this exhibition, Histrong's bamboo and wood aesthetic wall panels won the "Best Product Award 2022 at the RiX Design Exhibition in Malaysia". As a leader in overseas markets, Histrong's Kuala Lumpur store writes brand legends with enthusiasm and professionalism. Since 2017, Histrong has officially settled in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In just five years, it has provided high-quality environmentally friendly home decoration and experience for many Malaysian families and is deeply loved by Malay customers and consumers.



In the future, Histrong will continue to make efforts in overseas markets, and make the ceiling and wall installation shine on the world stage!

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