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Is the brand of integrated wallboard better or better?

Author: admin / 2021-03-19
When many customers choose to purchase integrated wall panels, they always think that they are price-oriented. Today, 2 years ago, there was a restaurant decoration after looking at the integrated wall panels of Xiangmu Hao Ting. After thinking about it again and again, I chose a brand with a low price. As a result, the integrated wall panel has turned black, the PVC finish has begun to fall off, and the human hazards have not been counted.
In the final analysis, it is actually the price. Do we say this when we buy integrated wall panels, "People sell integrated wall panels for 50 yuan/flat and get kettle knives. You sell integrated wall panels for 150 yuan/flat and don’t give them anything. Don’t bargain, do business too blacken"
A brand and a miscellaneous brand, although they are all integrated walls, but they are very different. For example, when you go shopping for vegetables, you don't know where you came from when you go to a street stall, but you still buy because you are used to it. But on the contrary, if you buy medicine, do you dare to buy it on the street? The answer is obvious, definitely not, because you are not afraid of not being able to cure your disease, you are afraid that if you are poisoned by eating, you will not be able to find anyone looking back.
No-name integrated wall is like medicine, but because you don’t know that there will be other problems with integrated wall, you are not afraid, because you don’t know, if you know that no-name integrated wall may cause poisoning, collapse, smashing and other safety risks ,Will you buy? The answer is definitely no, just like buying medicine at a street stall;
If you know that using a counterfeit electric water heater may cause explosions and potential safety hazards, would you still dare to buy it? You will definitely not buy it, because negligence may bring more terrible risks to your family than medicine.
Regular brands vs. fake and inferior brands:
1. Formal brand: It is a legal enterprise with legal production and sales qualifications required by the state, and all items of the product comply with relevant national regulations.
Fake and inferior miscellaneous brands: It is an illegal enterprise that does not have the legal production and sales qualifications required by the state, and almost all items of the product do not meet the relevant national regulations.

2. Formal brand: not only sell products to make profits, but also make products safe and secure, and the after-sales are guaranteed, and what they earn is a good reputation from consumers.
Fake and shoddy brands: just sell products to make a profit, and if the low-end products are unqualified, sell one set and make one set.

3. Formal brand: The goal of the company is to become bigger and stronger, to be a century-old enterprise in the industry, and to provide consumers with high-quality products.
Fake and shoddy brands: The goal of the company is to make profits.

4. Regular brand: Once the product has a problem, we will help you as soon as possible, and the most reasonable compensation will be given as soon as the product has an accident.
Fake and inferior brands: Once the product has a problem, start to shirk. Once the product has an accident, you will see the big thing and the small thing, and the small thing will be avoided, and the big thing will be ready to run away.