Author: admin / 2021-12-10

We are a Vinyl siding factory, let’s share how to replace broken or damaged Vinyl siding. The first thing is the special mounting hook. The damaged strip must be gently removed to release it from the lock. Some useful tools for craftsmen can use their own hands to make hooks for installing and removing wall panels from metal plates and profiles.

  Usually, simple stock-cutting patches can be used to repair small holes and cracks in vinyl siding. Simply glue the patch made of scrap from the wrong front or front with PVC-depending on the nature of the damage. In addition, while waiting for the first layer to dry, a silicone sealant can be used to seal holes or cracks in multiple stages.

  The process of replacing damaged vinyl siding tape is as follows:

  1. The end of the mounting hook must be inserted into the lock on the damaged panel. The hook must be pulled down along the entire strap to release the engagement;

  2. The top plate is folded neatly for easy access to the nail band.

  3. Use nails to pull out the side panel fasteners. If you cannot pull out some fastening elements, you can simply hammer the fasteners into the crate, and then tear off the panel;

  4. Remove the damaged rod;

  5. We put a new one and nail it to the grid with a nail, or tighten it with a self-tapping screw.

  6.Use the mounting hook to clamp the plastic lock again.

  When you need to maintain the vinyl siding on the facade, you can use a high-pressure washer or a hose with a nozzle to wash off the dust. It only needs to be cleaned from top to bottom to prevent water from penetrating under the cladding-this will shorten the life of the crate.

  If you have stubborn dirt, you can add shampoo, ordinary dish soap or liquid soap to the water. And use a long-handled soft brush to wipe off the stains. You can try to use white spirit or sunflower oil to remove paint stains. Indeed, this type of therapy is powerless against nitro enamel, so more "harsh" chemical methods cannot be used. You can still use sandpaper to remove paint or replace damaged panels.

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