Author: admin / 2021-12-31

We are a PVC wall panel manufacturers. Let me share with you the construction process of the PVC wall panels.

  1. Measure the wall surface. First, measure the length of the wall panel that needs to be installed, and cut the length of the aluminum alloy according to this size. According to the size of the wainscot, calculate the integer block of the wainscot needed, and the extra space can be completed with the wainscot splicing.

  2. Nail fixing holes on the intercepted aluminum alloy, drill holes on the wall according to the spacing of the holes on the P aluminum alloy, and fix the skirting hook on the wall with expansion screws or steel nails.

  3. Install the top corner line, usually apply special glue on both sides of it, then stick it to the top corner, pull it apart for a few minutes, and then stick it tightly. In areas with high humidity, the two skirting lines need to be combined with appropriate expansion joints, especially in the corners where furniture is placed, the expansion joints should be more considered.

  4. Install the wall panel, insert the wall panel into the skirting line from left to right, the starting block should be grooved from the corner to the corner. Install expansion screws or steel nails 1.5cm away from the top of the retaining wallboard, and pay attention to the screws not to expose the surface of the retaining wallboard. Coat the special glue in the groove of the waistline and insert it on the concave and convex surface after a few minutes. The corner of the wall must be diagonally 45°.

  5. Install rubber anti-collision strips on the aluminum alloy bayonet, and insert the left and right seals on the two ends of the wall panel, cut off the length of the PVC panel, cover the panel on the aluminum alloy, and the installation is complete.

  6. When installing to the end, the two edges of the corners need to be coated with special glue, stick to the top corner, and then pull it apart for a while and then stick it tightly. This will increase the fastness of the wall panel and increase its service life.

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