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Integrated difference wallboard and siding

Author: admin / 2021-03-19
Is there a difference between a wall panel and an integrated wall panel? What's the difference?
First of all, let’s learn about the history of the "wallboard", the time of Solomon, the son of King David of the Kingdom of Israel. After Solomon inherited the throne of David, the temple was built by the Supreme God. The main body of the temple was built of rock, and the interior was entirely wrapped in fine cedar wood, without any stone exposed, and called it "wallboard".
The term "wallboard" has existed a long time ago. His role is to protect the wall, make the wall more beautiful, and at the same time have a better effect of constant temperature, sound insulation and noise reduction. Now consumers will consider this aspect when choosing decoration.
The difference between wall panels and integrated wall panels

The integrated wall panel is divided into two aspects
One is the bamboo and wood fiber integrated wall surface made of bamboo and wood fiber, polymer waterproof and fireproof material, and spar powder at high temperature.

One is an aluminum alloy integrated wall made of aluminum alloy, aluminum foil, polyurethane, etc. Both types of integrated walls have the characteristics of heat preservation, sound insulation, heat insulation, moisture-proof, fire-proof, easy installation, easy modeling, high resistance to scratching, high green environmental protection, 5D art and fashion, etc. They are new integrated wall decoration materials. 

But the price of aluminum alloy is higher than that of bamboo and wood fiber.
Back to the topic, the integrated wall panel is a more modern product than the wall panel, and at the same time it can be installed better and faster. Compared with the wall panel, it saves many crafts and complicated installation procedures. At the same time, the effect has the effect produced by the wall panel.
The material of integrated wallboard is generally bamboo fiber integrated wallboard, and there are many styles for consumers to choose freely.

Wall panels are mostly made of wood, and the surface is processed to have a variety of patterns such as imitation solid wood, imitation tiles, and imitation wallpaper.