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Characteristics Of WPC Wall Cladding

Author: admin / 2021-10-25

WPC wall panel is a completely renewable material with the advantages of high density, high stability, and insulation. WPC density is over 1100 kg / m3 which is much higher than most hardwood. High density can guarantee high stability without any problems, like cupping, moldy, bending, splitting.

Wall panels are standing outside all the time and it has to be very high-end quality. WPC is the ideal material for the wall panels than metal, glass, stone, PVC.

WPC material is a new type of environmentally, eco-friendly, and energy-saving composite material, substitute for wood. WPC wall panel is wood texture design, with the features of simplicity, nature, and beauty. WPC wall panels make the building look fresh and natural. With various assembly styles, it can help people express their creativity.

WPC wall panels have a very stable structure, soundproof, and noise protection.

WPC wall panels also play the role of UV block and WPC has very low thermal conductivity. When used as the wall panels in the buildings, WPC also has the role of energy-saving and insulation.

WPC wall panels are anti-aging, have superior weather resistance, long life.