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  The interior pvc wall panel includes bamboo and wood bamboo wall panel. The classification method and application characteristics of bamboo and wood background wall panels are introduced below:

  1. Divided by texture: bamboo background wallboard, wooden background wallboard, bamboo-wood composite background wallboard, artificial board background wallboard, and cork background wallboard.

  2. According to the shape and structure: there are strip background wall panels, such as long strip background wall panels, short strip background wall panels; block mosaic background wall panels, such as square background wall panels, diamond background wall panels, and hexagonal background wall panels , Triangular background wall panels; granular background wall panels, also known as wooden mosaics; in addition, there are blanket background wall panels, threaded background wall panels, woven background wall panels, etc.

  3. According to the cross-sectional structure: there are background wallboards along the grain, that is, the background wallboard with the texture of wood and bamboo along the long side of the background wallboard; the standing wood background wallboard, that is, the cross section of the background wallboard surface texture is wood and bamboo. ; Twill background wallboard, that is, the texture direction of the background wallboard surface is at a certain angle with the texture of wood and bamboo.

  4. According to the interface form of the background wall panel, there are flat background wall panels, grooved background wall panels, tongue and groove background wall panels, dovetail background wall panels, beveled edge background wall panels, and bolt type background walls. plate.

  5. According to the number of layers: single-layer background wall panels, double-layer background wall panels, and multi-layer background wall panels.

  (2) Application characteristics of bamboo and wood background wall panels

  Bamboo and wood background wall panels have a unique decorative effect, but they also have certain shortcomings, which should be paid attention to in use.

  1. Special texture. As a ground corrugated board material, it is solid and elastic, warm in winter and cool in summer, natural and elegant, comfortable and safe.

  2. Good decoration. The color is rich, the texture is beautiful, and the decoration forms are various.

  3. Good physical properties. It has a certain degree of hardness but also a certain degree of elasticity, heat insulation, sound insulation and moisture proof, and it is not easy to age.

  4. There are certain limitations in use. It is not resistant to water and fire and requires certain treatment to have this ability. It has strong dry shrinkage and wet swelling, which is prone to cracking and deformation when improper handling and application, and high protection and maintenance requirements.

  (3) Quality identification of bamboo and wood background wall panels

  The quality identification of bamboo and wood background wall panels is a very real problem in decoration. From decoration companies, designers to housewives, they often involved and care about this issue. Generally, it should be considered from the following aspects.

  Background wallboard materials

  The material of the background wallboard is the most important aspect to identify the grade and price of the background wallboard. The following factors should be considered:

  (1) Wood species, source and place of origin. Of course, precious tree species and ordinary tree species are not at the same grade and price. Even for the same tree species, due to different origins, there are considerable differences in texture, and naturally, there are high and low points.

  (2) Color. The color of the background wall panel is very particular. The color tones of natural corrugated board materials are very different. If the color difference is ignored, the decorated floor looks messy, very dazzling, and the decorative effect is poor. Wood with little color difference in nature is rare. Even in the same tree, there is often a large color difference between the heartwood and the sapwood. Bamboo background wall panels are favored by many people, and its more consistent light yellow color is one of the reasons. The color of high-end background wall panels is generally more consistent.

  (3) Pattern. The pattern of the background wall panel is also very particular. Due to the special visual effect of the ground, the pattern of the background wallboard should be small but not large, shallow but not deep, straight but not curved, and regular but not chaotic. Therefore, from the perspective of most people's preference, radial stripes are better than landscape patterns, and dot patterns are better than large patterns.

  (4) Texture. The structural properties of the background wall panel such as foot feel, softness, flexibility, thickness, and smoothness also represent the level of quality. Fine and smooth background wall panels generally have better materials.

  (5) Processing method of corrugated board material. The quality of the background wallboard that has undergone hydrothermal treatment or other treatments to maintain dimensional stability is high. At the same time, the drying method and moisture content of the background wallboard are very important quality identification factors.

  (6) The base material of the composite background wallboard. Most of the above identification methods are for solid wood background wallboards. If it is a composite background wallboard or wood-based panel background wallboard, the important identification should be based on the substrate used for the background wallboard. Generally speaking, the base material plywood used is better than medium-density fiberboard, which is better than particleboard.

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