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Sandwich Decorateive Panels

What is Histrong Sandwich Decorative Panel?

Haichuang Sandwich Decorative Panel is breaking the traditional way of thinking, has brought revolutionary changes to the building materials industry, with the traditional pinch installed but creating stunning, decorative and indoor feature.

It is an ideal way of creating a low maintenance, strong surface, variety of patterns and designs, sound-insulation, heat-insulation wall panels.

Haichuang Sandwich Decorative Panel is made from alloy aluminum ,Polyurethane foam and aluminum foil, which is not sag, break, crack or burn. Its tongue & groove structure make panels unique and easily fitting.

Haichuang Sandwiches Wall Panel is widely used at

Residence,Hotel,Company,Public area,Supermarket,Restaurant,School,Hospital,Construction site,Tabernacle.


Series:Greate Wall

Sandwich Decorative Panel Feature

Heat & Cool Insulation

The temperatures difference inside and outside room is 7℃ by Histrong Sandwich Decorative Panel, and 10 ℃ comparing traditional wall materials. It also has excellent insulation properties.

Sound Insulation

Histrong Sandwich Decorative Panel have a good performance of sound insulation, keep noise outside so that being widely using for public area, providing you and your people a private and quiet place out of noisy environment.

Fire Proof

Histrong Sandwich Decorative Panels are with high flame resistance, fire proof of National B grade certificate.


Histrong Sandwich Decorative Panels made from environment friendly material, without taste or smells that can live into your room at the second day of installation.

Easy to Install

Histrong Sandwich Decorative Panel needn’t roots or keel, workers can install it directly onto the wall by nail, needn’t the professional woodworking installation.


Histrong Sandwich Decorative Panels have different textures, patterns and colors, increasing a unique and interesting space.

Water Proof

Histrong Sandwich Decorative Panel is 100% water proof from inner to outside, it is an effective solution to avoid any mildew problem.

Easy to Clean

The aluminum surface is not easy to be contaminated by dirty or oil pollution. It can be wipe easily like a mirror.


Made from high quality of aluminum and Aluminum & magnesium alloy, It makes product compressive strength, corrosion resistant, non deformation and durable.

Installation of Sandwiches Wall Panel

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