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PVC Ceiling Panels

Histrong PVC Panel is made of polyvinyl chloride, processed to become tongue-and-groove types, it is with light weight, easy installation, waterproof, prevent moths, simple maintenance, insulation and fire-resistant by adding flame retardant materials, which can make it more secure. Another characteristic is with abundant of designs and colors on its surface pattern, by of adding flame retardant materials, which can make it from the fire, use more secure. With these advantages and low cost, Histrong panels are widely in family, bathrooms, kitchens, balcony ceiling, public area, food process area, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, and laboratory.

Surface Impression Options:

Laminate Hot Stamping High Glossy
5.0mm×250mm Flat 6.8mm×250mm Flat
7.0mm×250mm Flat 7.5mm×200mm Flat
7.5mm×200mm Gap 7.5mm×100mm Groove
7.5mm×250mm Flat 7.5mm×250mm Gap
7.0mm×595mm×595mm Flat 7.5mm×300mm Flat
8.0mm×200mm Flat 8.0mm×100mm Gap
10.0mm×100mm Flat
JA-3 JA-5 JA-6 JA-8
JA-9 JA-10-1 JA-11 JB-2
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