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2015 NEW Products

UV Decorative Panel

UV panel surface treated with a UV layer, which can both protect the panel being damaged or scratched, also letting panel looking luxury.

It has the features of bright surface, natural design, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, water proof, Hygienic, resistance of deformation, fast fitting and long life. UV decorative panel is the best choice instead of ceramic tiles.

Because of the easy processing and low maintenance, UV panel is widely used in Interior room decoration.


Kitchen, Meeting room, Living room, Bedroom, Balcony, Hotel, Passway, Office, Background, KTV, Toilet, Hospital, Supermarket, Restaurant, School.

Sandwich Decorateive Panels

Haichuang Sandwich Decorative Panel is breaking the traditional way of thinking, has brought revolutionary changes to the building materials industry, with the traditional pinch installed but creating stunning, decorative and indoor feature.

It is an ideal way of creating a low maintenance, strong surface, variety of patterns and designs, sound-insulation, heat-insulation wall panels.

Haichuang Sandwich Decorative Panel is made from alloy aluminum ,Polyurethane foam and aluminum foil, which is not sag, break, crack or burn. Its tongue & groove structure make panels unique and easily fitting.

Haichuang Sandwiches Wall Panel is widely used at

Residence,Hotel,Company,Public area,Supermarket,Restaurant,School,Hospital,Construction site,Tabernacle.

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