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With width 1 m, thickness 1.0cm, PVC wall cladding panel is used for interior wall cladding decor. Largely used in factories, public rooms, kitchen and rest room. Water proof, Fire resistant, hygeian, high-strength and more than 50 surface deisgns available. Saveing you much labor cost as well.

Only 3 factories in the world are able to produce this width panels.


Nice appearance: It is the most popular and nice SOFFIT for your house. All Northern American, European houses are using it now.

Easy installation. Installation only needs 1 people, 1 accessory, nails, hammer and scissor.

Reasonable price: we have produce SOFFIT over 10 years and experience enough to control the price. Now we are not only selling to America Canada, but introducing to Africa land.

eco-friendly: SOFFIT is using new material which can be recycle use.

SOFFIT is UV resistant, 20 years guarantee, and 100% waterproof.

Mute design, part of rain fall noise can be eliminate from SOFFIT.

Maintenance free: SOFFIT is maintenance free, only need cloth clean it.

Three colors available: white/brow/coffee

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