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About the Company

Haichuang as one of the China leader of PVC producer who manufactures extrusion products of impact-resistant PVC. Offering including: PVC ceiling panels, PVC wall cladding panels, Vinyl siding panels, UV decorative panels and Sandwich boards.

The registered seat of the Company is located in Haning, 160 km to Shanghai Airport, 60 km to Hangzhou Airport. Its office building, production buildings, storage rooms, show rooms, customer service office are covering 15000m2. Equipped with 18 production lines, 115 workers, 24 hours running.

In Domestic market, registered brand “HISTRONG” is the one of the most famous brand in this field. It has more than 200 distributors among provinces and large city.

In International market, its production sell to America, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Trinidad, UK, France, German, Spain, Ukraine, Russia, Ghana, Ethiopia, South Africa, Nigeria, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and other more than 20 countries.

Target the Company

The target of Haichuang is getting a leading position in the branch of production of PVC building materials in Northern America, Southern America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

The target shall be realized through implementation of the following strategic goals:

• Creation of a world net of suppliers based on the best international experiences,
• Promotion of advanced technologies
• Extension of assortment of products.

A Few Words From President

In the past years, our people take the company as their own family, thanks to their smart head, concentrating and dedication together, to developing our modern company and create a very bright future .

We are very confident looking forward to the future, I hope every of our co-operator is also confident from every of our detail. I hope all my colleagues will keep uniting as one, together for the challenges and opportunities.

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